Earth Day. Visual reflection with the artist Horacio Sapere on our relation with the planet

Horacio Sapere. Chupóptero,  Viena 1986. Mixed media on paper. 76 x 113 cm

Today we celebrate the Earth Day , and ArtXipelag has wanted to contribute at the celebration with a visual reflection. Now that so many talks of what some days of withdrawal of the human genus has made nature to revive, we recall this series painted in Vienna for the Gallery Ariadne. It was inspired, if can say like this, at a series of drawings with connotations certainly sarcastic, for what  at that moment one could appreciate in politics and social behaviour

Symbolism strongly expressionist, already aimed the landscape with mountain and the presence of the religious fact like perennial detail.

“Painting is painting, and part of the expressive force roots justly at this”. This paper, of the authors collection, links directly with series how: the “Nuevos pastores de Sineu”, “Pintores anónimos ” or “Restos de poetas”