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Promotion of the Cities Heritage of the Humanity in the United States

REDACCIÓN EIVISSA, 29.10.2019.A delegation of the Group of Cities Heritage of the Humanity, 
headlined by the president of the Group and mayor of Ibiza/Ibiza, Rafa Ruiz, and the 
vice-president and mayor of Mèrida, Antonio Rodríguez Osuna, develop in the United States a 
campaign of international promotion of the tourist appeals, cultural and patrimonials of the 
15 Spanish cities that have the reconnaissance of World Heritage of it Unesco.

According to it has explained the president of the Group, “the Cities Heritage are ambassadors of the mark Spain and ascertains a growing interest among the American travellers for our country. The 15 Cities Heritage have a big opportunity to position his tourist and cultural offer at a market growing emitter, where in addition to the monuments and the sakes patrimonials, also want to that they meet our sportive offer, gastronomic or the routes of nature, as well as all the possibilities of purchases and something that also is very important, how is that the Cities Heritage are sure destinations for the travellers”.

The diary in the United States has started with the meeting with the mayor of Miami, Francis Suárez, at a meeting at which also has assisted the General Consul of Spain in Miami, Cándido Creis, as well as the councillor of tourism, Félix de Paz. According to the president of the Group, “the mayor of Miami has transmitted us that Spain is a big referent for his citizens, with a big nexus in common that it is the language, thus we can take advantage of synergies and develop conjoint plans. At this sense, since the Group will work with the city council of Miami at a bidirectional strategy so that our cities promote as a tourist destinations in the United States and, concurrently, Miami can also have visibility at the wide potential market that engloben our cities. We Will take forward a line of work of conjoint collaboration”.

The day also has included glimpsed with different media at which, according to the vice-president of the Group, Antonio Rodríguez Osuna, “has communicated the tourist and cultural potential of our 15 cities at the context of the European market and the reasons for which convert o’clock of interest for travellers no only of Miami, but also of Florida and of the United States in general”.

In collaboration with the Spanish Office of Tourism of Miami and with it American Society of Travel Advisors, the delegation of the Group also will present today the 15 destinations in front of journalists, turoperadors and agents of voyages of Miami, at the historic room Villa The Addison, at an act at which also will intervene the director of the Spanish Office of Tourism.

The second stage of the voyage develops tomorrow in New York and starts with a meeting with the General Consul of Spain, Rafael Conde, and with the councillor of tourism, José Manuel de Juan, previous at the act of presentation of the Cities Heritage in front of agents of voyages and media, that will as a arena the Spanish cultural centre in Manhattan, ‘The National”, situated at Chelsea.

The Thursday, will celebrate another meeting with the Ambassador and Permanent Representative Attaches of Spain in front of Nations Unit, María Bassols, and the Political Advisor of the Tall Representative of the Alliance Civilisations, Ana Jiménez. Besides, the delegation of the Group also will visit the Institute Cervantes of New York, where will total with his director, Richard Bueno.

The year 2018 visited Spain near 3 million of tourists estatunidencs, which thing represents a growth of the 11,8% with regard to the anterior year. The expense, 5.238 million of euros, also showed an important advance (+10,4%), as well as the pernoctacions hoteleres (+6,1%). On their part, the half expenses per person and day ascended at 1.776 and 259 euros respectively, whereas the half stay situated at 6,9 nights, according to data of it INE and the estimation of Turespaña.

At 2018 the principal motivation of the tourists estatunidencs that visited Spain was the leisure (85% of the total), tracked of the voyages of work and bargains (7%). They go pernoctar mostly at hotels (75%) and fundamentally travelled without tourist package (77%), being this the fourth market that at minor measure resorted to the utilisation of the tourist package, only for behind France, Italy and Portugal.

This voyage of international promotion in the United States frames in the operative plan of the Cities Heritage 2019/2020, at coordination with the Spanish Offices of Tourism, that at the two last weeks has been centred at the Asiatic market with presence of the 15 Spanish destinations in Singapore and the Japan.

The Group of Cities Heritage of the Humanity of Spain is an association without spirit of lucre, created the year 1993, the aim of which is to act of conjoint way at the defence and the cultural and tourist promotion of the heritage of the 15 cities that compose it, the historic centres of which have been recognised by it UNESCO as a World Heritage: Alcalá of Henares, Àvila, Baeza, Càceres, Córdoba, Basin, Ibiza/Ibiza, Mèrida, Salamanca, Saint Cristóbal of the Lagoon, Santiago de Compostela, Segòvia, Tarragona, Toledo and Úbeda.