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The City council suspends the acts of the Party of the Banner for the ongoing sanitary situation

Palma, December 23, 2020.- In front of the ongoing sanitary situation, Palma’s City council will suspend this year the face-to-face acts of the Party of the Banner. The six bands that conform the municipal corporation have decided that the celebration do not take place.

In this way, the balcony of Cort will arouse day 31 of December as a symbol of the Party after checking that there are historic antecedents that permit it. At account at the Medals of Gold of the City, defer and will take place when the sanitary situation permit it. The Colcada also suspends the same that the floral offering in the daytime 30 at the King at Jaume.

The only act that maintains is the proclamation of the Banner, that this year will make the writer Sebastià Alzamora the 29 of December. The proclamation will be able to track at direct for the canal of Youtube of the City council, will not be opened at the public.