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Thirty eighth edition of the Fair of the Book of Palma

REDACTION PALMA, 06.09.2020. Set the thirty eighth edition of the Fair of the
Book of Palma with Fanny Tur's pre-car.

This year, Ibizan Fanny Tur, writer, historian and cultural activist, will read the opening car of the Palma Book Fair. Tur, director of the Historical Archive of Ibiza and Formentera and former councilor of Culture, pays tribute to the book as a transmitter of all the knowledge and physicals of history and the human soul.” In addition, they intend to call “to save bookshops as a refuge and as essential areas of the human landscape and of cities”.

The libraries participating in this edition are: Drac Màgic, Quart Creixent, Rata Corner, Espai Caramulls, Finis Africae, Embat, Univers del Còmic, Abacus, Ínsula Literària i Llibres Ramon Llull.

The 38th edition of the Fira del Llibre de Palma, is organized as each year by the Guild of Booksellers in Majorca and is supported by the department of Culture, Heritage and Linguistic Politics of the Council of Majorca and the Mallorca Literary Foundation, which will occupy one of the stands with its publications.

The minutes are limited to 50 people, but there is no need to make any reservations. All sanitary sizes will be taken to ensure the health and safety of visitors and participants



11 h a storyteller by Aina Zuzaga: Recycled accounts. Anwar and the stars.

12 h will be the presentation of the Calendar Folkloric of Majorca in glosses, with the participation of Andreu Ramis, Miquel Sbert and the famous association Glossadors de Mallorca.

13 h will be presented Ecohéroes. 100 voces fear the health of the planet (RBA) by Carlos Fresneda, which will be accompanied by William Ferrer (Education for Life) and Pedro Barbadillo.

17h, the cultural manager Andreu Carles López will present the book El first Francoism in Mallorca (Documenta Balear), by Manuel Santana.

17:30 Llengua, Terra, Fatherland and Nation (Documenta Balear), dAntoni Mas, Premi Mallorca of Essay 2019. The island director of Linguistic Politics of the Council of Majorca, Lluís Segura, and the journalist and historian Antoni Findat will be responsible for the presentation.

18 h is programmed a conversation about poetry with Bel Granya (Sydria sberlada, Ed. Tanit, 2020) and Miquel Bezares (Mal Pas, AdiA Edicions, 2020), which will lead Joan Tomas Martínez.

There will be a conversation and recital with Juana Dolores Romero (Bijuteria, Amadeus Oller 2020) and Bernat Mas.


11 h Counts with Victor Uwagba, Tales and fables with a great rhythm.

12 h will be translated with Antoni Clapes (The Malva Desert, by Nicole Brossard, Ed. Ll). Muntaner) and Dolors Udina (Spirit of Me, by Sam Shepard, Ed Quid pro Quo). He will lead the conversation Laia Martínez.

13 Begoña Mendez and Josep Maria Nadal Suau will present Pequeñas mujeres reds, by Marta Sanz (Anagrama).

16.30 there will be a rap concert in Catalan with TACE and friends.

17:30: The book Ficciones (Documenta Balear), from the collection Teatre Principal de las ediques, is presented with two of the authors: Rafel Gallego and Marina Salas.

18.00 Antoni Janer (Mitology for Profans, PAM, 2020) and Antònia Soler (The Greek myths of the Majorcan fables, Ed. Documenta Balear, 2020) will have a conversation about classical myths, which will lead Pep Campillo.

19: Anthia Vicens, accompanied by Paul Vadell and Laia Malo, will present his last poem:  Father, what do we do with the dead mother?


11: Contacontes by company No Som 3, which will offer the show Tales in Off.

12 h is a presentation of the book The Secret of na Fatima by Miquel Ferra and Martorell (Editorial Ínsula Literaria / Rapitbook), along with David Roman Mayor.

12.30 p.m., Antoni Martí Monterde (Stefan Zweig and the suicides of Europe, Ed. Lleonard Muntaner) will converse with Jesus Revellés about this genus.

17:30: Contacontes: Tales told by Catherine Contacontes, with Caterina Valriu.

6.30 h Presentation of Maria Antònia Perelló Ocells de pas (Ed. Lleonard Muntaner). It will be published by the journalist Gina Garcies.

19:00: Conversation about the novels La Mar Round (Club Editor), by Sebastian Perelló, and The Kings of the World (Proa), by Sebastian Alzamora. It will moderate Elisenda Farré.