Tourism and Culture summon the helps for the promotion of the Balearic territory as a space for filmings

PALMA, 13.11.2018. The announcement, derived of the Agreement Marc of collaboration between the Institute of Studies Baleàrics
and the Agency of Tourist Strategy of the Balearic Islands, is of €100.000

The Council of Culture, Participation and Sports will transact and gestionarà the helps to promote the Balearic Islands and space for rodatges audiovisual, by means of an announcement of the Institute of Study Baleàrics (IEB) that covers expenses of voyages and accommodations. The Council of Innovation, Research and Tourism, for his band, contributes the endowment of 100.000 €.

This announcement derives of the convention between the Institute of Studies Baleàrics (IEB) and the Agency of Tourist Strategy of the Balearic Islands (AETIB), signed by his presidents, Fanny Tur and Isabel M. Busquets. The AETIB contributes the 100.000 € and the IEB is the attendant to summon the line of subsidy, receive the applications, evaluate them and resolve his concessió, checking the justification of the subsidies awarded.

The announcement of these helps has for object promocionar the Balearic territory as a space for rodatges and for the improvement of the tourist positioning of the Balearic Islands, during the period comprised between the days 1 of January and November 30, 2018.

It establishes a line of subsidy than woman support to the derivative mobility of those rodatges audiovisual that contribute to the promotion of the landscape, the culture and the historical and natural heritage of the Balearic Islands, where include the following expenses:

– Services of aerial transport, maritime or terrestrial of people/vehicles: purchase of passages/tickets and the rent of vehicles, discretionary transport or vehicles of support (does not include the rent of ships, aeroplanes or trains).

– Services of accommodation in diet of half pension in hotels, aparthotels, rural hotels, agrotourisms, hostels, shelters or any ruled accommodation: rent of room.

The term of presentation of the applications to the helps is opened until the next 22 of November. The annual maximum amount that can concede for applicant and project is of twenty-five thousand euros (25.000 €).

Publication of the announcement in the BOIB