Observatori de la Cultura de les Illes Balears
Mallorca - Menorca - Eivissa - Formentera

XXVIII Fellow congress of the Museums

It programs Congresists

Friday, 20 of March

Place: Auditory University of Balearic Islands

Street of the Ordeal, 1

17.00-19.45   Delivery of documentation

17.30-19.30  General Assembly FEAM

20.00-21.30 “Ibiza at the time, a poetic dialogue”

Enrique Juncosa and Ben Clark

Prize ODS

Cup of welcome

Saturday, 21 of March

Place: Museum of Contemporary Art (MACE). Round Daffodil Puget, s/*n

9.30-14.00 Session of work

14.00-15.30 Have lunch free

15.30-16.30 Visit guided at the Museum

16.30-19.00 Visit guided at Up Villa

20.30 Concert of Jazz and cocktail. City council of Ibiza

Spain Square, 1

Sunday, 22 of March

10.00-11.30 Visit guided at the Museum Puig give Molins. Via Romana, 31

12.00-13.00 Visit guided at Home Broner. Travessia Penya, 15