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‘Memòries 1936_39’ at the Casal Solleric

PALMA, 26.04.2019. The Casal Solleric brings to light the 'Memories 1936_39'.
The exhibition by Antoni Garreta, Joan Vallespir and Marcos Vidal will remain on the ground floor
until June 16

The Casal exhibits the “Memories 1936_39”, by Antoni Garreta, Joan Vallespir and Marcos Vidal. The exhibition will remain on the ground floor until June 16. The proposal consists of installations, canvases and sculptures, among other artistic languages.

The exhibition is linked to historical memory, specifically focusing on the years of the Civil War in Mallorca . The artists reflect on unexplored aspects from the people who suffered the repression of the war. The Casal Solleric has carried an expository line on memory that has counted on artists such as Fernando Sánchez Castillo, José Ramón Amondarain, Olimpia Velasco or Rogelio López Cuenca and Elio Vega.

In “Memorias 1936_39” Jarrete, Vallespir and Vidal want to record not so much their ideas, but to find unexplored traits. Cracks of light, traces of sand, or pieces of paper or how the conflict affected the citizen of the street.

It is an artistic project about memory and history. The show has roamed Porreres and Inca. Account with the collaboration of the General Direction of Historical Memory of the Consellería Culture, Participation and Sports.

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