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The City council of Ibiza rehabilitates marries it farmer of can Casals.

The reversal is cofinançada for the European Union with Fund FEDER.

The mayor of Ibiza, Rafa Ruiz, accompanied of the alderman of Culture and Heritage, Pep Tur and of the councillor of Urbanisme, Elena López, have visited the works of reform and rehabilitation that are carrying out at the home farmer of Can Casals at the neighbourhood of Case Serres.

It marries it farmer of can Casals, dated at the 18th century and of municipal titularity, is an interesting example of rural architecture, of the few that conserve at the township and is included at the Municipal Catalogue of Heritage.

The work of reform and rehabilitation is cofinançada for the European Union through the Funds FEDER and has an estimate of execution of 273.579 ’67 euros. The works commenced by the month of February and has foreseen the ending by the month of November.

For the mayor of Ibiza, Rafa Ruiz, ‘this is an important performance at the city so that on the one hand recover rooms patrimonials, the township does not have of a lot of marry farmers, for this reason since the City council of Ibiza work to recover the cultural and ethnological heritage of our city and on the other hand, have attended the requests of the neighbourhood that requested us recover and rehabilitate this room at the neighbourhood of Cas Serres and like this are it making’.

The alderman of Culture and Heritage, Pep Tur, has said that ‘the home has several phases although it is dated at the 18th century and what has made is to recover all the elements that have been able to maintain, marquetries, doors, the tancó and the paviment original of the porch and indoor elements and have deleted the most modern elements’.

The city of Ibiza has others marry farmers, recovered and rehabilitated by the City council of Ibiza, is the case of the home farmer of Can Tomeu, at Can Escandell, the recently rehabilitated home of healthy Colomina, ongoing his of the Casal of Equality and can Casals, where is executing the work of rehabilitation.

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