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The Consell de Mallorca publishes the first historical-artistic guide on the gardens of Raixa

PALMA, 11.06.2019. The doctor in art history and professor of
Universitat de les Illes Balears, Júlia Roman is the author of "Els jardins de Raixa"
that today has presented next to the second vice president and conseller of Participació
Ciutadana i Presidència, Jesús Jurado.

The aim of this guide is to make known the heritage value of these public gardens that belong to all the city. The guide, edited by the Department of Citizen Participation and Presidency, has been the result of years of work by the doctor in art history , Júlia Roman; but also, of studies made by different teams that developed studies before and during the restoration of the gardens of the public estate of Raixa after the Council of Mallorca acquired it in 2002

Although there are several publications on Raixa and its gardens and which are referenced in this guide, there was no specific publication of the gardens, explains Júlia Roman “Creiem that it was necessary to collect the knowledge acquired through all the public work that was carried out. has done for the public effort that has been made before and during the restoration and recovery and that this has been generating knowledge that has given a series of elements and data that could be interpreted with the help of documentation and therefore, we considered interesting that there was a specific publication of the gardens. ” According to the author, who has written numerous articles on the gardens of Raixa, “it has been an obligation from the academic field to disseminate knowledge, but also to try to involve the potential public and the citizens of Mallorca, since this is part of the Collective inheritance And to make this heritage known, it is necessary to create tools and instruments to interpret it. “

Along the same line, the jury counselor wanted to highlight the work done during this term, where Raixa has to be given the importance it deserves, maintaining and recovering the public heritage represented by this farm “We have to demand public management and enjoy all around the world and away from certain heritage protection practices that only go through the privatization or commercialization of old farms, some of which are now converted into luxury hotels. “

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