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The Government presents the catalog of the exhibition “Carloandrés in Ibiza, last works, works of yesterday, 1958-2018”

EIVISSA, 18.06.2019. The Balearic Minister of Culture in office, Fanny Tur and the
Alderman of Culture in functions of the Town Council of Ibiza, Pep Tur, and, have 
presented this morning the catalog of the exhibition "Carloandrés en Ibiza. Latest works, 
works of yesterday.1958-2018"

In the act of this morning has presented the catalog of the two simultaneous exhibitions dedicated to the painter Carloandrés, recently disappeared, which were inaugurated in the Hall of the Refectori of the City Council and in Es Polvorí in the framework of the Feasts of the Earth of last year and has then roamed through several exhibition spaces.

These exhibitions organized by the Ibiza Town Council and the Balearic Ministry of Culture have been seen in Mallorca and the October Contemporary Culture Center of Valencia, where the artist was originally from.

The exhibitions, organized prior to the death of the painter, were divided into two parts, the first dedicated to a retrospective exhibition, with portraits and landscapes made since his arrival in Ibiza in 1958, until the retrospective exhibition that the Council of Ibiza dedicated to him. 2011 in the former room of the Cultural Center of S’Alamera; the second was dedicated to show the paintings executed between 2011 and his death, last year.

The exhibits included works donated by the author’s family, together with works from private collections donated by the Bishopric of Ibiza, the Ramón family and the Casa de las Motres Agustinas de Palma, with a picture of each of the private collections.

The edition of the catalog allows those two exhibitions to remain in time, they are the testimony of the important artistic legacy of the painter, pointed the councilor of Culture Pep Tur.

For its part, Fanny Tur has indicated that the Institute of Balearic Studies has been able to take time to publish the catalog as well as to make possible the roaming of the exhibition, fulfilling its function of dissemination of art made to the islands.

Finally, Andreu Carles López Seguí, son of the painter and curator of the exhibition and coordinator of the catalog edition, thanked the Ibiza Town Council and the Consellería de Cultura for their involvement in the organization of the exhibition and the edition of the catalog.




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