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UNED Balearic Islands devotes a course at the minorcan of origin Albert Camus at his 60 anniversary

The days 25 and 26 of September at distance, so much at direct and at differed

PALMA.- Camus: políticas, exilios y pasiones is the title of the course that the Centre Associated of the UNED Balearic Islands devotes at the philosopher, writer, journalist, actor and theatrical director and porter of soccer Albert Camus, of maternal family menorquina and visitor of Mallorca and Ibiza the 1935, at the 60 anniversary of his death at accident of car (1960), at the 46 years and shortly after having got the prize Nobel of literature. The course will carry out the next 26 and 27 of September, only at distance, so much at direct and at differed, and will be able to track since any place.

The director of the course, Jordi Maíz Chacón, doctor at History and teacher-tutor of the UNED Balearic Islands, will be the first at intervening on Albert Camus, of the no violencia at the anarquismo, since this author evolved since pacifist postures, passing for the turnout at the French Resistance against the Nazism, until acostar- at libertarian positions. At continuation, Hélène Rufat, teacher of the University Pompeu Fabra and president of the Association of Surveys Camusians, will refer at Camus y exile it español, since the writer and philosopher intervened very actively at favour of the republicans defeated and goes oposar frontalment at Franco and at the rest of dictatorships, of any political colour.

The second day will open it Josefina Salord Ripoll, catedràtica of Catalan Tongue and Literature (jubilada) and till lately scientific coordinator of the Institute Menorquí of Surveys, on Camus: Menorca, las Baleares, the lengua y culture catalanas y the Mediterráneo, with a route for the ties with this environment of the protagonist, been born in the Algeria colonial French and descendant of maonesos. Finally, the journalist Francesc M. Rotger, also teacher-tutor of UNED Balearic Islands, with the title Camus: the fútbol, the teatro, the prensa y the ética, will treat to complete the fan with other sides of his personality.

Albert Camus (1913-1960), father’s orphan and an illiterate mother’s son and almost sordmuda, wife to make works, could study thanks to a scholarship, suffered tuberculosis and is author of contemporary classics like The odd, Caligula, The myth of Sísif, The unruly man or The first man. Recently it has returned to pose of actuality his novella The plague, for his parallelisms with the ongoing pandemia, and the undergraduates of Minsk have used his photograph at the protests against the politician of the president Lukashenko.

Contact: Jordi Maíz Chacón (director of the course)
666 87 20 59

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